‪‎Dentistry‬ and ‪‎Oral‬ ‪Science – Dental‬ ‪Biomaterials‬ Tools & Techniques

Dental Biomaterials Tools and Techniques -SciDoc Publishers

Dentistry‬ and ‪‎Oral‬ ‪Science‬ -‪ SciDocPublishers‬

‪Specialissue‬ Topic: ‪‎Dental‬ ‪Biomaterials‬ Tools & Techniques

Short Description: ‪Dental biomaterials‬ are usually used for replacement and/or enhancement of missing tissues due to disease or trauma to restore normal function. Future developments for major areas of dental biomaterials are considered for bonding systems, composites, VLC curing, ceramics, and cements.
For More Details : http://scidoc.org/IJDOSSpecialIssues.php


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