Ophthalmology & Eye Science – Refractive errors and Strabismus

Refractive errors and Strabismus - SciDocPublishers

Ophthalmology & Eye Science – ‪SciDocPublishers‬

‪‎SpecialIssue‬ Topic: Refractive errors and Strabismus

Short Description: A ‪‎refractive‬ error, or refraction error, is an error in the focusing of light by the eye and a frequent reason for reduced visual acuity. ‪‎Strabismus‬ also known as ‪‎heterotropia‬ or colloquially as crossed eyes, is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other.

For More Details : http://scidoc.org/IJOESSpecialIssues.php


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