Media Partnership Conferences with Terrapinn‬



‪‎SciDocPublishers‬, gains its pleasure to associate as a Media Partner to the ‪‎Terrapinn‬ organising 11 Conferences in 2016-2017

‪‎Conferences‬ List

1. World ‪‎Vaccine‬ Congress Europe
2. World ‪‎Veterinary‬ Vaccine Congress
3. ‪‎Immune‬ Profiling World ‪‎Congress‬
4. European Antibody Congress
5. World ‪‎Biosimilar‬ Congress
6. World ‪‎Immunotherapy‬ Congress
7. ‪‎HPAPI‬ World Congress
8. World Orphan ‪‎Drug‬ Congress
9. Cell Culture World Congress
10. ‪‎Downstream‬ Processing World Europe
11. World Vaccine Congress Washington

For More Details :


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