Article – HDFx: A Novel Immunomodulator and Potential Superbug

Over the past decade, a disturbing trend in antimicrobial resistance of both gram negative and gram-positive pathogens and “superbugs” has seriously complicated the treatment of many immuno-compromised, hospitalized patients [1-8].


Too this major problem must be added the numerous hospitalizations and deaths from contaminated meats, poultry, vegetables, seafoods, and dairy products [9-11]. Government resources, worldwide, are being overstretched and often remain powerless to combat these assaults on our populations. Almost one million people per year are killed by bacteria and “superbugs” due to antimicrobial resistance. If we add the untold millions per year who are dying from drug-resistant tuberculosis in Africa and India , the number of deaths becomes staggering. By about 2075, the number of people dying from drug-resistant infections could reach in excess of 35 million per year.

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