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About SciDocPublishers :

SciDocPublishers is an Open Access publisher, aimed to facilitate the dissemination of research articles to the global community. SciDocPublishers is established with a sole motive to disseminate knowledge among the scientific community. We as an Open Access publisher are on our way to be the world class leader in the provision of STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) Open Access content.


SciDocPublishers is not only a publisher, It is also a hub for scientists and researchers who work hand in hand to bring a better tomorrow for humankind. Focusing on the needs of scientists, It is currently on its way to become one of the leading service providers in Open Access Publications with a range of prestigious academic journals. It is dedicated to serving the scientific and medical communities and the whole society by publishing high quality Journals.

This publishing model allows us to reach millions of readers and give them access to scientific publications.

Then who benefit most?
Makes the work of authors readily visible and readable, helping to increase its impact on readers who can benefit from them. It opens up new possibilities for digital environment discoveries, clearing the path for readers to find and use relevant literature and to promote interdisciplinary research, speeding up the pace of discovery and innovation
Provides freedom of access to all institutions regardless of their student intake to promote their mission of advancing knowledge. Helps gain admission to vital STM materials and academic advancement by improving the quality of their education, thereby adding to the development of a better-educated workforce.
General Public
Gives easy access to otherwise unattainable materials relating to STM (Science, Technology & Medicine) along with other areas of wide ranging interest. Contributes to the creation of a better educated global populace which promotes support of scientific enterprise in the social community. Helps to create and develop a vital and undividable component of nation’s investment in science, technology and medicine by offering widespread access to publicly funded research.
Research Funding Agencies
Works as a tool to handle and create transparent research portfolio, helping to restrict funding of duplicative research which aids in the development of cost-effective ways to conduct publicly funded research. Stimulates discoveries, innovations and promotes the translation of information for the benefit of the public.

Then How to Submit a Manuscript?
Submissions for each journal must represent original work, the copyright to which is not already owned elsewhere.
As your publisher, SciDocPublishers will provide the journal with an ISSN number and will take care of all administrative tasks during the launch period. Our professional staff for submitting and reviewing articles will be at your disposal. SciDocPublishers will design the journal, will provide a team of technical editors and will prepare the content for publication. Our experienced team of scientific publishing professionals will work on getting the journal indexed in the most important and relevant scientific databases.Here is the Link to SUBMIT Manuscript.
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