Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology (IJCPT)

International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology (IJCPT) ISSN:2167-910X aims to develop coherent means to modify drug therapy, with respect to the patients genotype, and to ensure maximum efficiency with minimal contrary effects. Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology is the all-encompassing and becoming an increasingly important discipline for the identification of disease targets and drug designing with their toxicological effects and means to eradicate diseases.
IJCPT publishes original research, latest developments, review papers, scientific data, editorials from leading scientists and scholars around the world including but, not limited to the following fields:
  • Bio pharmaceutics
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical formulation
  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Solid dosage forms
  • Drug Delivery
  • Microencapsulation
  • Characterization
  • Drug targeting
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Drug Metabolism
  • Pharmaceutical polymers
  • Drug Devices
  • Toxicology
  • Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Safety Pharmacology
  • Immunotoxicology
  • Neurotoxicology
  • Genotoxicology
  • Reproductive Toxicology
  • Nanotoxicology
  • Aging Biology & Geriatrics







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