JBR Journal of Translational Diagnostics and Technology (JBR-JTDT)

JBR Journal of Translational Diagnostics and Technology (JBR-JTDT) is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal.It is an official journal of JBR Health education and Research society, that publishes high-quality papers such as – original research articles, review articles, rapid communications, case reports and clinical studies in all areas of Translational diagnostics and its related fields.
JBR-JTDT publishes original research, latest developments, review papers, scientific data, editorials from leading scientists, biologists, and scholars around the world including but, not limited to the following fields:
  • Protein Engineering
  • Biorecognition
  • Genotyping Arrays
  • Viral Assays
  • Biological Drug Discovery
  • Biomolecular Interaction Analysis
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Translational Medicine
  • Stem Cell Biology
  • Proteomic Biomarkers





For more details: scidoc.org/JBR-JTDT.php