SciDoc Publishers is established with a sole motive to disseminate knowledge among the scientific community. We as an Open Access publisher are on our way to be the world-class leader in the provision of STM (Science, Technology, and Medicine) Open Access content. This publishing model allows us to reach millions of readers and give them access to scientific publications – online, free of charge. Through Open Access, we intend to remove all barriers, that traditional publishing model imposed. Keeping up with the pace of the 21st century and the vast global research scenario, we ensure accelerated distribution of new developments to the entire scientific community.

SciDoc Publishers is not only a publisher, it is also a hub for scientists and researchers who work hand in hand to bring a better tomorrow for humankind. Focusing on the needs of scientists, SciDoc publishers is currently on its way to becoming one of the leading service providers in Open Access Publications with a range of prestigious academic journals. SciDoc publishers is dedicated to serving the scientific and medical communities and the whole society by publishing high-quality Journals.

SciDoc Publications publishes their work under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License and supports Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing.

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