Narayan S. Hosmane, Northern Illinois University, USA 

“I have full faith that the SciDoc Publishers will ensure that the reputation of IJBCMB will be enhanced by making it the highest cited and top-ranked journal in the near future. I wish the entire team of SciDoc Publishers a great success in journal publishing!”

Andrew Sarkin, University of California, USA

“The publication process with SciDoc  Publishers was among the fastest and easiest that I have experienced. I will submit to SciDoc  Publishers journals again and would recommend it as another good outlet for scientific research that allows wide dissemination of results.”

Mukesh Kumar,Pacific Center for Emerging Infectious Disease Research, USA

“The publication process with SciDoc Publishers is among the fastest and easiest. I will recommend it as another good outlet for scientific research that allows wide dissemination of results”.

Stephen Paul Gatt, University of New South Wales, Australia

“The International Journal of Anesthesiology & Research (IJAR) endeavours to provide a service which was previously unfilled by standard journals. Acceptance of study results, which are peer reviewed, are handled rapidly and efficiently. This is unlike the situation for submission to other journals and publishers where the process may take many weeks – sometimes running to over 50 weeks. SciDoc Publishers has proved to be a friendly and easy way to handle submissions and to publish our studies. The journal continues to gather momentum. I recommend it to you”.

Suzi Sobhy Atalla, Ain Shams University, Egypt

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Jack A. Ofori, Florida State University, USA

“I believe Scidoc Publishers is doing a good job right now and will even do more in the years to come as it makes more impact on the scientific community. Some of the good things about Scidoc Publishers  is that there are several journals under their umbrella that address various critical health issues as HIV and cancer. The open access service provided by Scidoc Publishers is another plus as it gives people in the developing world a chance to get to know current information in the scientific world as journal subscription is expensive and most schools in the developing world cannot afford subscription.”

Ashwini Yenamandra, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA

“SciDoc Publishers have Open Access newly launched Journals that facilitate publication of high quality research work from the Global Scientific community. I am happy to be an Editorial board member of this community because of the high quality and rapidity of the publications.”

Ruben Daniel Arellano Perez Vertti, Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila, Mexico

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Rohini Roopnarine, St George’s University, West Indies

“SciDoc publishers is rapidly expanding and trend-setting in their approach to facilitating access to top-cited articles in well-respected journals. Their provisions of such access to the global community, will ensure their place in the scientific domain.”

Mikio Moriyasu, Gulf Fisheries Centre, Canada

“SciDoc Publishers  provides fastest barrier free publication process as an Open Access Publication in wide range of subjects and disciplines by ensuring accelerated world-wide distribution of high quality scientific publications to the entire scientific community.”

Mohamed Ibrahim Salman, Mansoura University, Egypt

“It was a great experience for me to publish with SciDoc Publishers. The entire procedure of submitting, reviewing and accepting the paper were quick and I never had any problems of getting in touch with either the editor or the publishing staff regarding the progress of publishing. They were very helpful and provide immediate response and feed back.”

A. Papagianni, Hippokration General Hospital, Greece

“I believe that two issues are important for both journal’s success and spreading of science: short review time and rapid reply to authors and as low as possible publication cost. Moreover, I think that authors of an accepted article should be encouraged to submit their research again.
I have already recommended SciDoc Publishers to my colleagues and I am looking forward to our collaboration.”

Seung-Beom (Dennis) Hong, University of Houston Clear Lake, USA

“It is my great pleasure to work with SciDoc Publishers as an editor of IJMBG. I have reviewed IJMBG manuscripts of a varity of interesting biotechnology topics. I enjoyed reading the propective manuscripts and learned a lot about new topics. The online submission and feedback response sytems are easy to use. I believe that the review process is reasonably fast, efficient and rigorous. I appreciate and applaud the SciDoc Publishers management team for their constant efforts to improve the IJMBG journal.”

Antonio Simone Lagana, University of Messina, Italy

“So far, I had a great experience to serve SciDoc Publishers as Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Reproduction, Fertility & Sexual Health (IJRFSH). This Open Access high-quality Journal publishes excellent papers, covering all major areas of Reproduction, Fertility & Sexual Health, from molecular studies to clinical investigations.”

Zofia A. Dziuganowska, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

“SciDoc Publishers develops very fast by launching new journals related to different domains of science. Owing to Open Access, it removes barriers of traditional publishing models and it allows the entire scientific community to access to new developments. The whole process of submission of a manuscript is simple and clearly explained. I recommend publishing in SciDoc Publishers journals as another good outlet for scientific research that allows wide dissemination of results. Furthermore, I think that authors should feel encouraged to submit their manuscripts again. I believe that SciDoc Publishers is going to be successful in the near future.”

Rzgar M Jaafar, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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Fabrizio Stasolla, University of Bari, Italy

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Emmanuel Chinedum Ibezim, University of Nigeria, Nigeria

“SciDoc Publishers, through her wide range of journals, is doing a great job in disseminating useful, timely and scientific information to the researchers worldwide. The journal qualities are very high, majority of them are indexed in highly rated and top profile indexing bodies. The scope of readership covered is equally and highly intriguing. I strongly recommend SciDoc Publishers as a place to be in hitech scientific publication, for upcoming and established scientists.”

Natalia G. Bednarska, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

“SciDoc Publishers aims for the high quality, easily accessible and widely cited scientific publications. The easy online submission process as well as constructive peer review by the world experts ensures the quality of the published papers. In such dynamic fields as Science, Technology and Medicine the need for a rapid knowledge exchange is a key drive for further innovation. Without any doubt SciDoc Publishers represent an efficient approach to ease scientific communication. “

Lori McGrew, Belmont University, USA

“I am delighted to be part of the SciDoc Publishers family and to serve as an editor for The International Journal of Clinical Therapeutics and Diagnosis, helping to promote SciDoc’s mission to share scientific information through open access journals. SciDoc Publishers have achieved excellent balance between a rigorous peer review process and quick publication time. Furthermore, their open access policy means that current scientific findings are available to everyone.”