Romantic Breakup Distress, Betrayal and Heartbreak: A Review

A review of the romantic breakup literature suggests that it can lead to breakup distress, betrayal, and heartbreak. The breakup distress that occurs can be explained in part by depression and feelings of rejection and betrayal. These may lead to physical problems including heartbreak or the broken heart syndrome and immune dysfunction.


Microleakage of Different Pit and Fissure Sealants

Sealing pits and fissures is considered to be an effective way of preventing caries initiation. The present in vitro study was carried out to evaluate the microleakage and sealing ability of Helioseal F, Seal-it and GCP Glass seal and Compared sealing ability of GCP Glass seal with resin fissure sealants. The present study represents an attempt to detect and compare the microleakage of three dental fissure sealants.